Meet fintech’s latest power couple: Shyft and Apple Pay
13 May 2024Last Updated:13 May 2024
iPhone with add card to Apple Pay

Amid a sea of options, Apple Pay emerges as one of the easiest, fastest and most secure ways to pay. Add to that all the financial capabilities that Shyft offers, and you’ve got a match made in financial heaven.

You can now add your physical and virtual Shyft cards to your Apple Wallet directly from the Shyft app. By integrating your Shyft cards with Apple Pay, you can turn your iPhone and Apple Watch into powerful payment tools and revolutionise the way you transact.

Once your Shyft card is linked, simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to make a purchase anywhere in the world using Apple Pay. Payment permission also works with a simple glance thanks to Face ID, meaning no more lengthy checkouts.

Person using Apple Pay

Three reasons to say yes to Shyft and Apple Pay
  1. Effortless shopping: No more frantic wallet searches. Simply tap your iPhone or hold your Apple Watch near the reader for secure and speedy payments.
  2. Pay for almost anything, anywhere, anytime: From in-store purchases to online transactions and even within your favourite apps, Shyft and Apple Pay have you covered.
  3. Security and peace of mind: Your actual card details are never stored on your device or shared with merchants.

Ready to experience the ultimate convenience? Here’s how to link your Shyft card to your Apple Wallet:

Via the Shyft app:
  • Open the Shyft app and access the “Quick Actions” menu.
  • Select “Manage Cards” and choose the Shyft card you want to link (remember, it can be a virtual or physical card).
  • Tap “Add to Apple Wallet” and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Once successful, you’ll see a confirmation message and your linked card will be proudly sporting an “Added to Apple Wallet” tag.
Via Apple Wallet:

IMPORTANT – You must have a Shyft physical or virtual card to get started. Don’t forget to top them up before transacting.

  • Open your Apple Wallet and tap the “+” icon to add a new card.
  • Follow the prompts to capture your Shyft card details in your Apple Wallet.
  • That’s it. Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to select your Shyft card as a payment method the next time you use Apple Pay.
Still need a helping hand?

Our friendly support team is always happy to assist! Feel free to reach out to us at or use the chat function in the app.

Ditch the bulky purse. With Shyft and Apple Pay, you’ll always come in clutch. 
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