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25 June 2024Earnings and share price: a perfect match?
Investor legend Peter Lynch claims a company's earnings dictate its stock price. This article explores the correlation between earnings and share price using Microsoft and the top 6 S&P 500 companies as examples. Lockstep’s Paul Farah delves into correlation coefficients and discovering a strong positive relationship, suggesting focusing on a company's fundamentals is key for long-term investing success.
10 June 2024How to value a business for future growth
This week’s Investing chronicles unveils a key investing strategy: valuing businesses for their future potential, not just current earnings. Lockstep’s Paul Farah uses Innoviva (INVA) as a case study, showing you how to identify hidden value by considering a company's entire portfolio, future earnings potential, and strategic direction.
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05 June 2024How liquidation value can save your investments
Feeling nervous about a stock market downturn? Discover how understanding a company’s liquidation value can be your safety net. This article explores what liquidation value is and how to calculate it. Learn how liquidation value provides a worst-case scenario for your investment, giving you peace of mind and potential buying opportunities.
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28 May 2024The key to smart investing? Tame your emotions.
Don’t let emotions sabotage your investment journey! Lockstep’s Paul Farah explores why managing your expectations is crucial for success. Learn from investing legends like Buffett and Pabrai. Discover five key strategies to manage emotions, from setting realistic expectations to accepting that mistakes are inevitable. By taking control of your emotions, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more rational and successful investor.
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21 May 2024Local travel tips: break free without breaking the bank
This guide shows South Africans how to enjoy long weekends without breaking the bank with budgeting tips, Shyft app tricks, and even some staycation inspiration.
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20 May 2024Five stock-selection principles to bolster your gains
We reveal the five key principles Lockstep CEO Paul Farah uses to find high-quality, undervalued businesses. Discover how to invest within your circle of competence, identify healthy businesses with strong financials, and ensure honest management. Farah breaks down quantitative and qualitative measures to assess a company’s potential and outlines the importance of buying at the right price.
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06 May 2024Beat the pros: why individual investors can win big
This article explores why individual investors can outperform professional money managers in the long run. It reveals the disadvantages of institutional investors, including short-term focus, restrictive mandates, and vulnerability to client behaviour. These constraints force institutional investors to mimic the market, hindering their ability to outperform it. In contrast, retail investors have more flexibility and can invest in smaller companies and hold cash without pressure.
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03 May 2024Three reasons why you should invest
Few things will help you build wealth like investing wisely; that’s why starting to invest early is so important – among other reasons we outline for you.
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29 April 2024Investing like Buffett: Finding the “moat” around a company
This article explores the concept of a “moat” in investing, referring to a company’s sustainable competitive advantage. It explains why moats are important for long-term success and dives into various types of moats, including low-cost producer, network effect, high barrier to entry, switching costs, and monopoly. Examples are provided for each type (Costco, Facebook, semiconductors, Microsoft, power distributors, Apple).
24 April 2024Win R25 000 to kickstart your investment journey*
Ready to unlock a world of investment possibilities, but running a little low on funds? We’ve got you! We’re giving one lucky user a R25 000 wallet top-up to boost their investment portfolio.
22 April 2024Master smarter investing: A guide to company analysis
This article outlines a five-step checklist for conducting a thorough fundamental analysis of companies before investing. It covers finding new investment ideas, researching a company’s history and financials, analysing competitors, understanding ownership and management, and ultimately making an informed investment decision.
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22 April 2024Win R25 000 to kickstart your investment journey today*
Ready to unlock a world of investment possibilities, but running a little low on funds? We’ve got you! We’re giving one lucky user a R25 000 wallet top-up to boost their investment portfolio.
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19 April 2024Welcome to Börse Frankfurt!
Shyft has just made it easy to invest in companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, creating a great opportunity to invest in different types of companies in different sectors and geographies to diversify your investment portfolio.
17 April 2024Reduce risk and invest smarter with this nifty strategy
In this edition of Investing chronicles, Lockstep’s Paul Farah challenges traditional views on risk in investing. He argues that share price volatility is emotional and not a true measure of risk. Instead, risk is the chance of losing money by being forced to sell at a loss. He focuses on intrinsic value, estimating a company’s future cash flow to determine true worth. By buying when the share price is lower than the intrinsic value, investors can increase their margin of safety, reducing risk.
15 April 2024You can now invest on the London Stock Exchange with Shyft
Being able to invest in UK companies via Shyft offers greater choice, greater diversification for your investments, and more convenience.
08 April 2024The secret to knowing when to hold (or fold) your stocks
In the first edition of Investing chronicles, Lockstep CEO Paul Farah shares the importance of having a clear investment thesis – your rationale for buying a stock. He also tackles one of the most challenging aspects of investing – knowing when to sell a stock
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09 October 2023Why (some) risk is good for investing
Whether or not you’re into roller coasters and shark-cage diving, when it comes to investing, you have to embrace a little risk. Here’s how to make sure you’re biting off just as much as you’re comfortable chewing.
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29 September 20235 things to remember when investing in other countries
The experts tell us what to consider when buying forex and investing offshore.
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27 September 20234 rand-friendly destinations for South Africans to visit
The rand may not be the world’s strongest currency right now, but that doesn’t mean international travel is entirely off the table. Here are four destinations where the ZAR can still buy you a memorable vacay.
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25 September 2023Cheat sheet: 16 investment terms to learn now
Becoming an investor means being confronted with a lot of new – and often confusing – terms. We’ve got you. From bear hugs and dividends to market cap and stock splits, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet so you know what’s going on with the companies you’ve invested in.
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20 September 2023How investing in forex can help you reach your goals faster
Your financial plan is ticking over nicely – but is it as potent as it could be? If it doesn't include forex, then probably not. That's because investing in forex could help fast-track your financial goals. Here’s how.
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18 September 20235 tips to help you plan for your holiday (even on a budget)
If you’re feeling that mid-year burnout, we suggest starting to plan your summer getaway now. Thanks to Shyft, it won’t be the eye-wateringly expensive exercise you think…
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16 September 20234 factors that affect forex
Timing is everything when buying forex. Here are key phrases to watch out for in the news so you know when the exchange rate could be in your favour.
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13 September 20234 ways Shyft has your family finances covered
Whether your son is heading abroad for a rugby tour, your daughter needs a forex top-up for her gap year, or you’re looking for a way to teach the little one to budget at the tuckshop, Shyft has a solution for your family.
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07 September 20236 tips to help you plan your first solo international trip
Travelling solo is a liberating and enriching experience, but it can be a little daunting. We’ve got you. Here are 6 tips to help you feel more confident, from booking your trip and exploring safely to paying for your vacay.
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04 September 20235 things most equities apps won’t tell you
Does your offshore equities investment platform really measure up? Learn to recognise the red flags and find out how to spot the best app for your needs.
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01 September 2023Divide and conquer: Diversification in the forex market
You already know you need to diversify your investments. But what about the money you hold in foreign exchange? Here’s why – and how – to diversify your forex.
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28 August 202314 resources to raise your investing game
Platforms, podcasts and newsletters that provide insight and entertainment in the finance space.
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25 August 20235 ways to keep your money safe while travelling
Stranded in a foreign city with no access to money is pretty much the worst-case travel scenario. By following these five tips, you can ensure it never happens to you.
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22 August 2023Why new investors should diversify (and how to do it)
You may have heard the saying, 'diversification is the only free lunch in investing'. Free lunch is always welcome, but we're here to unpack why diversification is so important.
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21 August 20235 forex must-knows for the global citizen
Whether you’re planning a trip to Europe, shopping at an online store in Asia, or converting your rands to dollars to invest in US stocks, here are five things you need to know about foreign exchange.
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14 August 20235 ways travelling makes your life better
Funny stories and bought-it-abroad gadgets or fashion aside, travel can enrich your life in profound ways. Here are our favourites.
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10 August 2023A beginner's guide to offshore investing
New to offshore investments? Don't worry – it's easier than you might think (and you don’t have to be a millionaire or a Bond villain to do it). Our beginner's guide will set you up with all the important info you need to get started.