How to master Shyft on every device – wherever you are
02 July 2024Last Updated:02 July 2024
Shyft web vs mobile app
No matter where you find yourself, Shyft’s array of accessible platforms gives you the freedom to buy forex, shop and invest anywhere, everywhere, all at once.

In the not-so-distant past, global investing used to be a much more manual and exclusive game, reserved for the Gordon Gekkos and financial elite. Thanks to tech’s rapid rise, the global stock market has become a more democratised playing field, for anyone with some spare cash to build a more sustainable financial future.

Shyft takes that freedom to a whole other level, offering you an on-the-go mobile app and a comprehensive web app – for even more ease of use. This combo empowers you with the cheapest forex and more than 800 of the world’s top stock options to really take your money game global.

Both our web and mobile apps provide you with the same great functionality. But did you know you could utilise these platforms in tandem to really supercharge your investment gains? Here’s how.

The Shyft mobile app: manage in motion

Think of your Shyft mobile app as your trusty trade-and-investment sidekick, with its one-handed navigation providing the perfect usability boost. Whether you’re commuting, visiting a new city, or grabbing a bite with friends, the Shyft mobile app helps you monitor your portfolio on the go. Here’s what makes it a must-have on either Android or iOS:

Instantaneous tracking: see your account balance, track recent transactions, and check currencies live – all with a few taps. Our recent app refresh also allows you to access global shares at a glance via the updated homepage.

Effortless payments: send and receive money anywhere in the world in a flash, or settle bills with your virtual card or Apple Pay. As always, Shyft-to-Shyft payments stay fast and best of all … free!

Quick top-ups: need to add some funds to your Shyft card for that last-minute shopping spree? Our updated app's sleek card and wallet widgets let you top up instantly. For all your forex needs, Shyft lets you buy on the fly.

Multi-layered security: in addition to password protection, the Shyft app comes equipped with biometrics access. Your fingerprint or facial recognition gives you on-the-go protection and ultimate peace of mind.

The Shyft web app: manage meticulously

While our app excels in on-the-go convenience, the Shyft web app offers you all the same features and functions as the mobile app, on your desktop screen. Unify your investments in one place and create a personal command centre for a worldwide financial view.

Two-factor authentication: for an extra layer of security on the Shyft web app, we recommend installing the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. Our two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your login, making sure it’s really you (and only you) accessing your account.

The one-two punch: combining our platforms

The real Shyft magic lies in using our mobile and web apps together. Imagine checking your balance on your phone while waiting for a coffee, then later logging in on the web app to analyse your investments’ performance. This combination empowers you with:

Unmatched convenience: buy and sell forex and global shares instantly, as the market moves, with the mobile app, while reserving in-depth analysis for the web app on your larger desktop screen.

Comprehensive control: gain a holistic view of your portfolio by utilising the strengths of both platforms, ensuring you never miss a beat. And speaking of views – we now allow you to easily switch between light and dark modes to match your viewing style!

Seamless transition: move effortlessly between the mobile and web apps, knowing your data is always synced and secure.

Whether via smartphone, tablet or personal computer, embrace the powerful combo of our refreshed Shyft app stack. You’ll be well on your way to finessing your global finances like a pro.