14 resources to raise your investing game
15 August 2023Last Updated:28 August 2023
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We hate to sound like your primary-school principal, but the more you know, the further you go. And the more you know about investing, the further you grow – your money that is.

Chatting to your financial advisor every so often is a great start, but you can also expand your frame of reference by hoovering up the wide range of financial content available via podcasts, newsletters and blog platforms.

Here are a few to get you started – and we promise they’re not your granddad’s stuffy financial newspapers.  

For a money-minded start to the day  

For daily updates on top financial stories, including a very handy “term of the day”, sign up to Investopedia’s various newsletters.  

Designed for digesting on the go, the five-minute daily updates by the excellent Finimize app will get you up to speed ASAP.

Morning Brew makes reading the daily news and market updates fun. (Any newsletter that includes gifs and puzzles gets our vote.)

For life-changing tactics  

A must for self-starters and entrepreneurs, The Tim Ferriss Show regularly ranks in the world’s top business podcasts, and has had more than 100 million downloads. Tim, who also happens to be the author of the bestselling The 4-Hour Workweek, has been dubbed the “Oprah of Audio” due to his wide-ranging influence and appeal. In this podcast, he looks at world-class performers in investing, sports, business, art and other fields, and shares their tactics, tools, time-management tricks and more.

For economics in understandable terms

Hosted by economist and Stanford research fellow Russell Roberts, EconTalk is a long-running podcast with over 900 episodes on markets, history, culture and more. It features a wide range of guests who can talk about big ideas in accessible ways.

For accessible personal-finance content

Financial Feminist is Apple and Spotify’s #1 business podcast, hosted by money expert Tori Dunlap. She provides resources on how to get, save and grow money to gain financial freedom, covering topics such as financial self care and sustainable investing – all while dismantling the patriarchy.

The Balance is home to more than 50 qualified experts who write in a straightforward way on investing, home ownership, saving for retirement, managing credit and more. While some of it is US specific, most of the 14 000 fact-checked pieces of content are applicable to anyone with a financial goal – whatever it may be.

For powerful (and shareable) infographics

Statista on Instagram covers everything from tech to industry data to pop-culture trivia, aiming to drive your daily business decisions with facts from over 150 countries.  

For a staple diet of finance news

For excellent general coverage there’s Bloomberg, Forbes and The Economist. The SA-based Business Insider delivers a (sometimes clickbaity) snapshot of top local business, tech and money news. 

Finally, for a long read (or listen)

The popular personal finance book by South African Sam Beckbessinger, Manage Your Money Like A F*cking Grownup, tells it to you straight in an entertaining and irreverent read that will change the way you see money, and your relationship with it.

If you’re after a more traditional but very comprehensive book, Warren Ingram's How to Make Your First Million details how various successful people have made money in their own unique way. (There’s also an audible version.)

Inspired to get on top of your money game? You don’t even have to put down your phone. 
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