Public competitions terms and conditions (Terms)
1.Name of competitionLSE (London Stock Exchange) & DAX (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Investments Competition
2.Promoter of competitionThe Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Standard Bank/We/Us/Our)
3.Start date of Competition01h00 on 24 April 2024
4.End date of Competition23h59 on 31 May 2024
5.What are the requirements to enter the Competition?

Entrants must be:

  1. Be 18 years old, or older.
  2. Have a Shyft account, and must be successfully onboarded.
  3. Must be a permanent resident of South Africa.
  4. Follow Shyft on Instagram.
6.How to enter the Competition?

  1. Entrants will need to fill in an entry form during the competition period.
  2. The form will ask a question relating to the #LearnWithShyft content featured on the Shyft website. This is to encourage consumers to take the time to learn about investing as well as how Shyft can help them on their investing journey. 
  3. Entrants will need to provide their name, surname, Shyft reference number and email address as part of the entry process. An additional 5 entries can be earned through buying one or more shares on the Shyft app during the competition period. 
  4. Entrants must have downloaded, registered for Shyft (Shyft reference numbers are requested on the entry form to verify this), and successfully onboarded.

Entry Form Questions:

1.   Name and surname. 

2.   Email address. 

3.   Shyft reference number. Don’t have one? No problem. Simply    download the app and complete registration to get your unique reference number. 

4.   How many shares from the LSE does Shyft currently offer? 

5.   Have you bought Shyft Shares? (there will be a yes/no button for entrants to click). 

7.How many times you can enter the competition?
  1. Participants will only be allowed to enter the competition once, but can increase their chances by buying Shyft Shares during the competition period Eg. 1 entry for completing the form, 5 entries for buying a share \ shares = 6 entries in total. 
8.What is the Prize?

R25 000 wallet top up.

9.How many Prizes can be won?One (1).
10.Number of Prize winnersOne (1) winner.
11.How Prize winner/s is/are selected?
  1. All entrants who have successfully completed their entry form will be pooled into a randomiser app. A winner will be selected at random. 

12.Date that we will determine the Prize winner/s3rd  June 2024.
13.Date that we will notify the prize winner/s 3rd  June 2024.
14.How we will contact the Prize winner?
  1. Winners will be contacted via email and telephone. 
15.How the Prize will be awarded to the Prize winner?
  1. A Rand wallet up into the winners Shyft account.

16.Other termsNone.



    1. Please pay special attention to the clauses that are in bold, as they may limit our liability (responsibility) or involve some risk to you.

    2. We are the promoter of the Competition. Any reference to we/us/our includes our directors, sponsors, agents or consultants, where the context allows for it.

    3. These Terms are governed by the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

    4. These Terms apply to the Competition and all information relating to the Competition (including any promotional or advertising material that is published).

    5. By entering the Competition, you are bound by these Terms and if appliable, the terms of the Prize and the Standard Bank product terms and conditions that relate to the Competition or the Prize.

    6. If the Prize involves any goods or services provided by a third party, the Prize will be subject to the third party’s terms and conditions.

    7. We reserve the right to amend these Terms.

    8. We must process your personal information to validate your entry and if you are a Prize winner, to make the Prize available to you. By entering the Competition, you consent to us processing your personal information for this purpose. If you do not consent, please do not enter the Competition.

    9. We may declare the Prize forfeited (lost) and we may choose a new Prize winner, if:

      1. a Prize winner’s entry is not valid.

      2. a Prize winner has breached these Terms or the terms of any product the Prize winner holds with us.

      3. a Prize winner cannot be contacted or does not accept the Prize within 3 days from the date that the Prize winner was contacted about the Prize.

      4. a Prize winner gives up the Prize or we determine that the Prize winner has given up the Prize.

      5. a Prize winner did not qualify to enter the Competition.

    10. If there is a dispute in respect of these Terms or the Competition, our decision is final and binding.

    11. If the Prize winner agrees to it, we may publish their name and/or photo in any internal or external advertising or promotional material for 12 months from the date on which the Prize winner accepts the Prize. We will determine the nature and distribution of these materials. If a Prize winner does not consent to the publication of their name and/or photo, the Prize winner will still receive the Prize.

    12. The Prize may not be transferred from you to any other person and may not be exchanged by you for any other item. We do however reserve the right to substitute the Prize with any other prize of a similar commercial value.

    13. We are not responsible if your entry is not successfully submitted or a Prize winner does not successfully receive or take up a Prize for any reason, including because of a technological failure.

    14. We are not responsible for any loss or damage which you or any third party may suffer as a result of you participating in the Competition or accepting a Prize.

    15. If required by the Minister for Trade, Industry and Competition, the National Consumer Commission or for any other reason, we can end the Competition immediately with or without notice to you. If this happens, you waive (give up) any rights which you may have against us and you will have no claim against us.

    16. Nothing in these Terms prevents you from approaching the National Consumer Commission or any other relevant authority to obtain relief.

    17. The following people cannot participate in the Competition:

      1. directors, employees, agents or consultants of Standard Bank; or

      2. immediate family members of any of the persons specified in clause 17.17.1;

      3. suppliers of any goods or services under the Competition.